Paula Patton Details Robin Thicke’s Abuse

Since the finalization of their divorce in 2015, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have still been skating on slippery slopes.

The former high school sweethearts share a son, 6-year-old Julian, and while in a current custody battle, information detailing Thicke’s infidelities, addiction and physical abuse have surfaced.

According to >People, an L.A. judge granted Patton’s request for a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband after accusing him of domestic violence taking place in the midst of their custody dispute, on Thursday.

The restraining order, filed Wednesday (Jan. 25), requested Thick stay at least 100 feet away from Patton, their son, and Patton’s mother.

In the 52-word document, Patton proceeds to detail the volatile encounters endured by the actions of Thicke.

She described a situation, on their son’s third birthday where she witnessed him having inappropriate contact with the masseuse.

“Robin became so enraged that I had interrupted his ‘massage that he broke down the locked door,” she stated in the court document. “Robin became physically violent with me. He pushed me down and kicked me.”

Also mentioned in her lengthy document were detailed accounts of Thicke’s infidelity, which caused the actress to reach her breaking point in 2013, following the MTV VMAs.

Initially, Patton had primary custody of their child and Thicke was granted overnights with Julian every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All seemed to be going well for the co-parents. Photos even circulated the web showing the couple spending quality time with their little one. But the once amicable situation took a hard turn.

Patton had become “concerned about Robin’s drinking and drug use , as well as forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian.”

In a recent incident, a situation occurred on Jan. 19 when Thicke tried to pick up his son. Patton claims her son was “extremely upset” and asking if they could call the police. DCFS workers were present as well.

Thicke hasn’t seen his son since the Jan. 19 dispute. On January 25, he filed his own court document sharing his version of events. He claims to avoid conflict and create “a disturbance of any kind”, he left the scene.

Showing support for Thicke is his son’s nanny for the last six years. She filed a declaration with the courts this week, stating that she “never found any spankings to be excessive in any way.” The nanny also hinted at tensions between her and Patton after she refused to tell lawyers she thought Thicke was an unfit father.

The co-parents are scheduled for another court hearing until Feb. 24. Patton has sole legal and physical custody of their son. Thicke was granted supervised visitation three days a week at a neutral location.