Steve McQueen to Direct Paul Robeson Biopic

Steve McQueen, who has won over Hollywood with an Oscar-winning film (12 Year A Slave), will be working on a film that highlights the life, talents, and struggles of singer and actor Paul Robeson.

Robeson passed from a stroke in 1976 at the age of 77.

A true renaissance man and iconic figure, Robeson dedicated his life to the arts and international activism, using his voice and platform to address the issues of racial injustice and world politics.

His activism sparked threat and during the 1950’s he was barred by the State Department from renewing his passport- which put a hit to travel abroad for engagements.

Robeson’s acting skills extended to both stage and film with credits in productions such as Othello, All God’s Chullin Got Wings, The Emperor Jones, to name a few.

Harry Belafonte, a powerful figure in the realm of arts, performance, and humanity, is set to join the project as well, according to Indiewire.

McQueen will take his director’s chair on what he says to be his dream film and though it is unsure at this time the role Belafonte will have in the project, considering he and Roberson were great friends, he may serve as a producer and/or consultant.

With triumphs and trials, the story of Paul Robeson is one that is well long-overdue and will be an intriguing watch.