Paul Mooney dishes to JET

Interviewing legendary comedian Paul Mooney is like eating the proverbial box of chocolates from “Forrest Gump,” you never know what you’re going to get.

Recently, Mooney was in Chicago to promote his tour “A Black Man in a White House” and chatted with JET and EBONY about the Zimmerman verdict and race relations in America.

JET: What can the audience expect from your show?

Paul Mooney: They can expect to laugh and they can expect it to be funny. We’ve got so much on our plates now with the Zimmerman trial.

JET: What was your reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict?

PM: That was a set up. You could see the verdict coming from 1,000 miles away. Those White women should be ashamed of themselves. They know better than that. That was a set up. But the positive thing is, they woke up a lot of sleeping giants. It was a wake-up call for people of color throughout the world.

JET: What do you predict will be the verdict in the Jordan Davis trial?

PM: Oh they’re going to get him [Michael Dunn]. They’re trying to figure out if it was racial. Please! White people will lie to God. You can show them a video and they’ll say, I don’t remember. And they tell you to prove stuff; they always have a way out, just like rats. But Black people are dumb, we get into a hole and we can’t figure our way out.

If you ask the Indians, drunk or sober, they’ll tell you White people lie. They’re living proof of what White people can do … White people love putting Black people around water. Take a look at New York and Chicago. They want to watch you escape.

Notice how they put jails in areas where it’s cold and it snows. They want to see Black people run away. White people just disappear. That’s how you get the Invisible Man.

Our youth deserves freedom. White folks owe us. I want to live until I’m 110 to see what they get … White folks know it’s their turn. What goes around comes around.

JET: We recently partnered with EBONY to create the social media campaign #Anger2Action, which encourages people to turn their anger over the Zimmerman verdict into action. How do you recommend people do this?

PM: Call up your kids and tell them you love them and you won’t stand for it. You’re not having it. You’re not going to let them get shot in the back. It’s going to snowball. It’s disgusting and unforgivable what [Zimmerman] did. It’s not okay and we’re not having it.

White people have cut off their nose to spite their face. But there are White people on the down low who know what’s right. They voted for Obama. That’s how he got re-elected. You know Black folk are usually late, but we voted early last year.

JET: What is your opinion on Stand Your Ground?

PM: It gives people a permit to murder. It’s a gold card to shoot somebody’s child … This racial thing is all crazy. It’s insane.