3 Lessons From Ms. Patti LaBelle

Ms. Patti LaBelle has been a force to be reckoned with since she stepped onto the music scene as leader of Labelle. She’s sassy and crazy talented with great style.

Everyone loves Patti and JET has followed her career well into present day.

In honor of the Diva’s birthday, we rounded up a quick three lessons that Patti taught us over the years through her music.


1. Switch up the attitude with style, class and grace.

2. Yep, sometimes the best route is solo.

3. Self-made ambition. Be who you are no matter what.

*Bonus: When it comes to the kitchen, Patti doesn’t play. And like the saying goes, food tastes better when it’s created out of love and in the below case, song and laughter.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Patti!