Party And A Purpose with ‘Fun With Friends’


Fun With Friends co-founder Jamal K. George

Fun With Friends co-founder Jamal K. George

It was 2011 when Jamal George and his buddy Francis Dolloway were hopping from spot-to-spot on the nightlife scene as college students.

With a cool and approachable demeanor, they attracted the crowd and what popped in mind was a next level idea that would catapult their “just hanging out” nights to a business that included a lot of activity and a gang of people.

“I just said to [Francis], we should do something and  invite some friends. We came up with a cheesy name and  texted like 50 people to have a game night and it turned out we had like 100 folks come and it turned into more of a party,” George, a marketing professional,  tells JET.

From there,  the “corny name” turned out to be the simply direct “Fun With Friends”, an event hosting and planning company that seeks to engage, entertain and help young professionals fuel their social lives.

Since its inception, the company has grown to various “must-attend” events around New York, ranging from karaoke nights to speed dating, bowling,  pamper parties for women and the popular FreeSome gatherings  where entry, drinks and treats are completely free and unlimited while supplies last.

But more than just dishing out a good time, after generating a return from their events,  the fellas wanted to add a giving component to the fun.  So, during their first Freesome event, where over 500 people were in attendance, they created care packages for homeless children to weather the winter season.


Up next for the company is their 4th Annual Christmas event,  FUGLY: The Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” taking place on December 17 in Brooklyn, NY.   Continuing the “party with a purpose” theme, a  portion of the proceeds received will go to individuals and families affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

In 2015, FunWith Friends partnered with the New York City School Department to donate toys to students in need.

“We’re working with our local friends that are either Haitian and/or have friends back in Haiti that were affected by the hurricane. We’re personally getting the items and shipping them out there,” George shares. “Hearing first-hand what happened  and the fact that money people donate to these charities don’t [always make it] , actually made us want to do it.   We want to move forward with personally donating and not only giving money to organizations where we don’t know where it’s going. “


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In addition to donating to Haiti by attending the Fun With Friends Christmas Event, here are other ways, those outside of NY can offer assistance.