#BruhNews: Paperboy Delivering Weed in Newspapers

When you have a hustler spirit, there’s always something alluring and intriguing about opportunity.

The “what if” factor teases your mental and the next minute, you’re strategizing on how to make your plan work – whether good or bad.

Welp, that same grinding mentality was the root of a 58-year-old paperboy in Buffalo, New York, who decided to knock out two hustles via one job.

Identified as Douglas Lukehart, the paperman is an alleged drug dealer and intertwined his street business with delivering The Buffalo News paper every morning.

Both gigs came to an end after police received an anonymous tip that informed them about the happenings in the neighborhood regarding a person delivering weed with newspapers.

Soon after, while on his delivery route, police pulled Lukehart over for a traffic violation and discovered he matched the person of interest in the mysterious marijuana-newspaper tip. The officer and his K9 searched his vehicle and sure enough, a bag of marijuana was discovered wrapped inside of a newspaper.

Lukehart was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and a traffic violation.

This is the type of news that makes you look at your neighbor and say …Bruuuuuuh?!