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Oxygen Reps: Shawty Lo Was Never Confirmed, Clears Up Inaccuracies

There’s a lot of conflicting reports circulating the web about whether Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas  but an Oxygen rep says the show was never confirmed. See below for their official statement.

On background:

· This was a one hour special in development, not a series

· We did not have a deal with Shawty Lo. Shawty Lo and his family were considered for the show, but the production company was considering other families as well.

Oxygen Statement Regarding All My Babies’ Mamas Special:

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special. We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.” – Oxygen Spokesperson

This sounds bogus. If it was still in the casting process then why did they release a trailer for public consumption? And why did an Oxygen rep initially defend the series? Side eye.