Could Outkast Be Added to Stone Mountain?

The Confederate flag isn’t the only thing causing a stir. The founders of the controversial organization, the Confederates of America, are at the center of discussions, too. And in Georgia, citizens are petitioning to revamp a Stone Mountain monument, which includes carvings of their faces with a pair of icons that are of a different caliber.

Who might that be? The answer is Outkast.

A MoveOn petition to incorporate the hip-hop duo on the stone has been circulating. Created by Mack Williams, the Brooklyn-based artist has already gained more than 9,500 supporters.

Williams doesn’t intend to replace the Confederate members (Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson), who are riding on horses. Instead, he’d like to add Big Boi and Andre 3000, riding in a Cadillac, to the sculpture.

“I don’t think a work of art needs to be judged on its intent… I also don’t think we should erase that and pretend it didn’t happen or pretend it wasn’t there,” Williams told CNN.

Big Boi has already given the idea a thumbs up via Twitter.

As for why he chose the rapping group over civil rights activists, he believes no one can bring the citizens of Georgia toether like Outkast.

“Luda or T.I. or Jermaine Dupri have all done a lot for the Atlanta music scene … but nobody unites Atlanta like Outkast,” Williams said. “If the image of these Confederate (generals and president) is divisive, I can’t think of anything that would unite us like Outkast.”

While he doubts his plan will actually pan out, he’s glad to spark the conversation of change.