Oscars Blame Studio for ‘Compton’ Shade

The Oscars are always a buzzing topic. This year, however, the buzz has been because of a controversial (and glaring) lack of Black and Brown faces on the nominees list.

For one, we are over here offended that Sylvester Stallone received a nod for supporting actor in Creed, envisioned and directed by Ryan Coogler.  Our forever bae Michael B. Jordan also received a nomination for nada.

Same sad story  for Straight Outta Compton, where only the White writers received recognition.

Adding insult to injury, Interwebs went rampant when reports came out that the Straight Outta Compton cast wasn’t even invited to the ceremony. Today, the Academy tossed blame over to Universal Pictures, the studio behind the successful box-office film.

That’s just shady.

Whether or not one agrees with the stance Jada-Pinkett Smith took in asking people to join in boycotting the Oscars, one point – of the many made – during her video was the fact that people of color have been invited to present awards (in recent days, Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg just got that nod) and sit in the audience but are rarely recognized for artistic accomplishments.


Chris Rock takes on master of ceremony duties for another year. There was debate about this as well. Should he go through with the gig or ditch it? However, being that his comedy is daring, political and very socially conscious, even if you planned to skip the show, you may want to check out his opening remarks to see how he incorporates #OscarsSoWhite and calls the Academy on their bull – (*fingers crossed that this actually happens!)

Do you buy the finger-pointing by the studio? What do you think about Straight Outta Compton stars being snubbed for invitations? Talkback in the comments! <