‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4 is INTENSE

Tensions are rising in Litchfield Penitentiary as the characters in Netflix’s award-winning original series, Orange is the New Black, face new guards, new prisoners, and even more drama in the fourth season. OITNB teased us earlier this year with a brief look into the new season, but this new trailer takes us deeper into what we can really expect from this buzzworthy show.

In this season, Litchfield becomes a for-profit prison, which poses a problem for the warden in terms of limited space and resources. With the introduction of new and overly aggressive correctional officers, and a hundred new prisoners, the original cast battles for power and respect among their peers and authority figures. This season also digs deeper into the intense race relations issues between the already segregated prisoners and the unwanted pressure of imprisonment that leads some characters to their breaking points.

Watch the new season 4 trailer below to find out what to expect and catch all 13 episodes on Netflix starting June 17: