Opportunity Alert: Getty Images Instagram Grant

Instagram photographers, take your work seriously.

Why? Because Getty Images and Instagram have teamed up for the first-ever Getty Instagram Grant.

The grant is designed to support photographers who use their Instagram platform to highlight and showcase “underrepresented communities” worldwide. Think along the lines of, but not restricted to, popular social account ‘Humans of NY.’

Getty said in a statement to The Next Web, “We recognize that Instagram has introduced new opportunities for emerging voices, outside the mainstream media, to create and share projects of social importance. This grant provides financial support and mentorship to amplify their impact.”

Images are not limited to mobile devices and can be captured on any type of camera. Work will be based on image quality, visual storytelling skills and subject matter.

Applicants must also include a 500-word biography, a description of their shooting approach/style and topics they have covered.

Three cash grants of $10,000 each will be awarded in addition to mentorship from an award-winning Getty Image photographer.

This is an amazing opportunity. Go for it and Good Luck!

For more details on the application process and deadlines, visit