Opinion: ‘Scandal’ Premiere Drinking Game

Scandal is back, and I for one, am ready.  As a newbie to the show, I prepared for Season 4 with single-minded training that would impress even Huck and his B-613 buddies.

I totally show-verdosed every day for about a week, plunging myself deep into the faux Washington D.C. scene, learning to understand the super-rushed dialogue, tenuous connections between Olivia Pope’s clients and laughing at the poor man’s J.R. Ewing that is Hollis Doyle.

I also found myself mildly amused, though not completely taken in, by the mack-laying President Fitz.  I was far more beguiled by his scheming, First Lady Macbeth, Mellie.  But I can now officially dub myself a Gladiator and look forward to watching with the rest of the show’s fervent fans.  And while I prepare to enter the fix-it fantasy world, I humbly suggest you partake in a little drinking game celebrating some of the more common themes.

Do not participate (or replace spirits with ginger ale) if you are under the age of 21, driving or biking anywhere tonight, and/or have any issues with substance abuse.

Take a sip when:

1.  Olivia’s lower lip trembles.

2.  Olivia, or any other Gladiator yells, “It’s handled,” or “Handle it.”

3.  Someone wakes up next to a bloody body and they don’t know anything about how it got there.

4.  Huck asks Olivia if she wants him to off someone.

5.  Olivia overrides the team to take on a new client.

6.  There is a flashback of Huck in that crazy wig with the beard to match.

7.  Soul music is played.  Ya dig?

8.  Fitz apologies to Olivia or vice versa.

9.  First Lady Mellie tells a lie.  (Maybe cut that drink with a little bit of water.)

10.  A politician cheats on his/her wife or vice versa.

11. The term “gladiator in a suit” is used.

12.  Olivia screams “shut. it. down.”