Opinion: A Plea for DJ Mister Cee

Most people regard journalists as a cynical lot, but I will not deny that my heart goes out to DJ Mister Cee, especially in light of this Tweet.

mister cee2

The hip-hop icon and Hot 97 mixologist legend finally stepped down from his high profile post after years of dealing with gay rumors and speculation sparked by his arrests and a recent recorded encounter with a transsexual.

You can easily click to find that latter “proof,” and I will let you because I think the highly dramatic, soundtrack-enhanced “revelation” was in very poor taste and pandering to the whims of those who enjoy sitting in judgment.

It also seemingly tipped the scales for Mister Cee. He delivered this emotional confessional on his old home of Hot 97, during which he made such heartbreaking comments as needing time to find out “who” and “what” he is.  Though he owned up to his illegal actions, he has yet to own up to the notion that he might be gay, which is certainly underscored by his insistence that those sharing his West Indian heritage would not understand or condone his seeming preferences.

Sadly enough, one of the more caring outpourings for Mister Cee came from what was a simultaneous slap from fellow NYC radio star, Charlamagne Tha God.  While dubbing Cee “Donkey of the Day,” the established gadfly pleaded with his broadcasting colleague to embrace life as a gay man, get an apartment and cease the actions that subjected him to both police intervention and quite possibly STDs.  You can watch that clip below.  If you strip away some of the snide remarks about Cee donning “booty shorts” and proclaiming who he is to the strains of self-described bisexual Frank Ocean, there is a grain of good advice. He makes it clear he doesn’t see Mr. Cee’s potential sexual identification as a problem.

For too long, the hip-hop community has been labeled as homophobic.  And unfortunately, taking lyrics into account, it is a charge that even a diehard fan like me cannot deny.  Clearly, there are those who have taken a stand against this attitude, including Kanye West and (though the MTV Awards would have you believe differently) perhaps most notably California phenom Murs, who went so far as to create this video telling a poignant story of forbidden love and risked being labeled as gay himself in an industry that has made a show of its straights-only policy.

All this to say, it is my ardent hope that the same community that has benefited from the turntable ministry of Mister Cee will continue to hold him down.  I pray members of his family will hear the pain and suffering in his voice and embrace him.  I hope he will not self destruct as alluded to by thatt disturbing Tweet he sent on the day of his resignation.

I hope he can one day even regain his post at the station.

Because whoever Mister Cee is and whatever he is, he is worthy of love and acceptance.  I hope he understands that before it’s too late.