OMG! — ‘Jane The Virgin’ Will Reveal Its Narrator During The Season Finale

Jane the Virgin is known for keeping secrets and being riddled with twists and turns, but one of its biggest mysteries is about to be revealed.

The CW’s hit telenovela, killed off a MAJOR character this year, did a three-year time jump and even devirginized our Jane (Gina Rodriguez), but the series is not quite finished with shocking moments just yet. With only three episodes left until the season finale, the mysterious Narrator (voiced by Anthony Mendez) will finally be revealed. At the For Your Emmy Consideration panel last week, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman had everyone clutching their pearls when she said, “You’ll find out in the last episode of the series [who the Narrator] is.”

Fans of Jane the Virgin know what an integral character to the series the all seeing Narrator is. With so many plot twists and backdoor storylines, viewers would literally be lost without him. So who on earth could the Narrator be? Urman has insisted that “There are so many clues already in the show. There are a lot.” Ma’am what?!!

So what do we know about him? First and foremost he’s been with us since the beginning and will stick with us until the end. He’s intricately involved in Jane’s life and we’ve already met him.

So who on earth could this mysterious person be? Our guess?’
Jane’s son Mateo.

Though he’s only a tot right now, he’s the most likely suspect. After all, who else would know about his parents’ history and backstories the way that he does? Maybe as an adult, he’s a telenovela writer, anything is possible.

Who else could the Narrator be?

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 PM ET on The CW.