Omarion Snubbed By The Grammys?

The 2016 Grammy nominations have been released. Of course, the topic will dominate conversation, leaving a few artists questioning their status in the music game.

One in particular is R&B singer, Omarion.

Yep, his lack of a Grammy nod for his collaborative banger “Post To Be,” featuring Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko, has the L.A. crooner feeling some type of way.

His opinions aren’t falling on deaf tweets either. Fans, foes and followers are interacting with the artist and attempting to put some things in perspective. This one for example, explains that the Grammys is a platform for artistry, not popularity.

O isn’t trying to hear that and called “[BS]” on the comment. The back-and-forth got interesting as the conversation extended to the ideals of artistry, popularity, numbers and the overall politics of the awards ceremony.

Kendrick Lamar is a popular entertainer who delivers provocative artistry within his body of work. Whether you’re a fan of the project or not, To Pimp A Butterfly is art. The project was risk-taking and went places mainstream probably wasn’t really ready for. And because of that, Kendrick is leading the Grammys.

On the other hand, there are super popular songs such as the nominated, “All About That Bass,” which delivers a catchy hook, theme and fun visual.

In all, the Grammys come down to politics. And though, it feels amazing to be recognized by your peers for your grind and artistry, does that define your motivation for going into the studio and pumping out material?

Do your fans not further fuel your love for making music and entertaining?

Omarion, your frustration is understood, but don’t allow an award to validate the reason(s) you stay dedicated to the music hustle and delivering content.

The Grammys air February 15, 2016.