Octavia Spencer, The Diva?

Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer took to Twitter to address a report claiming she served diva-like behavior and was rude to guests during a book signing at a Los Angeles Barnes & Noble last week.

The Daily Mail reported that Spencer was “acting like a diva” and that the Insurgent actress was “mean, rude and horrible to everyone.”

The publication quoted one woman as saying, “This woman is an ungrateful, nasty b****! I’m getting a refund on this stupid book. If she talked to me or my child like that it would get really ugly in here so it’s best we get our money back and go home before something jumps off.” YIKES!

But Octavia dismissed the claims with the following tweet:


Octavia made an appearance to sign copies of her new children’s book Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective — The Sweetest Heist in History. 

Shame on The Daily Mail if these allegations are false and made up.