Hip Hop Hall of Fame Campaigns for Biggie Statue

New York is serious about its hip-ho, and the legendary voices that represented for the city.

When it comes to the influential artists, honoring them becomes a major priority. Such is the case for the late Notorious B.I.G. The slick-talking storyteller passed nearly 20 years ago, and the scene surrounding his memorial service was massive with fans, family, and loved ones pouring out their condolences and pain.

Well, the love and memory of Biggie is still very much alive, and though his spirit floats through hip-hop culture and Biggie murals adorn buildings around the city, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum is rallying to honor his legacy by erecting a statue of his likeness near his childhood Bed-Stuy stomping grounds.

Photo: GoFundMe

Photo: GoFundMe

The statue, tagged as the #BIGGIEMEMORIAL, was designed by local artist Tanda Francis.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame created a GoFundMe page to help raise $35,000 to make the statue a reality. The group plans to erect the memorial at Putnam Triangle Plaza in Clinton Hill.