Could A Notorious B.I.G. Album Be On The Way?

It’s been nearly a decade since we last heard unreleased music from Notorious B.I.G., but that could all change soon, according to Faith Evans.

During an appearance on the Dame Dash Radio Show, the songstress revealed that recording for a posthumous duets album with her late husband, The King & I, was in the “finishing stages.” She also shared that it could hit shelves as early as this September.

“Today, if he was alive, I know, ultimately, we would’ve done something like this,” the 42-year-old said. “But the way the stuff has come together, and the way I’m using his vocals, it’s giving the stuff new life. It’s totally different.”

New music isn’t the only thing she’s working on. She also alluded to the possibility of a tour.

“We actually are in development with a hologram, but I don’t necessarily know to what extent I’m gonna perform with it. But I want to debut it in the first video for the album, and maybe use it a little bit performing live. But that depends on a lot of things.”

We’re definitely looking forward to it. Check out the full interview below.