Norfolk To Host Cast of ‘A Different World’

A Different World will forever hold a special place in society and culture. The richness of their dialogue while on a collegiate campus for Black people, gave light to the fun, fly, intellectual and educated young adult in the 90s.

In retrospect, the Cosby Show spin-off defined what it means to #staywoke.

The series tackled everything from racial discrimination, HIV and Black history to domestic violence and mainstream pop culture in a way that sparked thought while also delivering good-hearted laughter.

The cast of the cult classic show will make their way to Norfolk University on April 16 to meet with NSU faculty, students and area high schools to promote college access and take part in a college registration fair. Proceeds from the event will benefit the ACCESS College Foundation.

Cast members expected to make the trip include Cree Summer, Kadeem Hardison, Daryl Bell, Charlene Brown and Jasmine Guy.