Watch: ‘No Regrets’ Trailer With Loretta DeVine

When temptation strikes would you risk it all for the sake of ditching your safety zone and taking on a bit of adventure?

Afterall, it could lead to the one thing you never knew you desired the most.

That’s the scenario Monica Calhoun faces in original film “No Regrets” premiering on the Urban Movie Channel, February 10.

Starring Loretta Devine, Calhoun (Player’s Club, Best Man), Brian White and more, No Regrets, a romantic comedy centers on flight attendant Nina Thomas (Calhoun) who has spent the last 12 years in a committed relationship with her college sweetheart.

After turning down several of his marriage proposals, she finally says yes. And then that’s when life takes a turn.

Between Nina’s friends urging her to experience other men before getting hitched and then encountering a handsome divorcee (Brian White) during a long layover in Los Angeles, she finds her self in a compromising position that leads to a road of “what-ifs”.

Check out the trailer below.