Night Cap: Kevin Hart on ‘Fallon’

You’re bound to crack up anytime Kevin Hart is around, so when he played a round of ‘Would You Rather’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the laughs were endless.

After announcing that he’s the first comedian to have his own Nike cross-training shoe, he grabbed a series of bizarre questions from social media and breezed through the queries like a champ.

One fan asked, “Would you rather have a mariachi band follow you everywhere you go for an entire day or have to roller skate everywhere for a week?”

“I’m going to take the mariachi band, because if I roller skate everywhere for a week, I’m going to have a fat ass,” he replied. “And I don’t want a bubble butt. I don’t want women catcalling me.”

Another follower pondered, “Would you rather speak every language on earth or be able to talk to all the animals?”

The actor quickly responded, “I’d talk to animals. Sometimes your dog gives you that look like, ‘B*tch, I wish you would.’ I would want to know what that was, so I’d know when to leave my dog alone.”

Watch to entire video below to experience the rest of the hilarity.