The Upside to a Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma Rap Beef

Word on the web is that Remy Ma threw a pinch of shade toward Nicki Minaj during her feature verse on the remix of “Wait a Minute” by Phresh.

The track, which made its rounds back in November caught a bit of a wave but it wasn’t until the latest version dropped that folks really started paying attention to Remy’s set of 16.

She raps:

“Same b—–s call me, that’s how I knew y’all was phony/I put putting that work, taking ’em to church, cause I leave ’em holy/Will I smoke this b—h? Yes/Probably fail my piss test/Get rid of those fake breasts/And put a vest on this b—h chest/ It’s lunch time, she food/I’m Troy Ave with that tool […] Crack a b—h with my cell phone, really put her on Facetime/That ghostwriter bout to call her/That lifeline getting shorter/RIP Biggie Smalls, why the f–k they ain’t want her?”

Was the Bronx-bred lyricist shooting a round at the Barb? Even if she had another target in mind, social media came loaded with speculation and clap backs.

If this were to really be a rap beef thing, it wouldn’t be all that bad.

Here’s why: Hip Hop flosses ear gasping wordplay and arrogance, both ladies have that. Their gift of gab – Remy’s raw delivery and Nicki’s animated presentation – has lined them up nicely to go rounds in a lyrical brawl with the most thorough dudes in the game. Reference point: Nicki Minaj left dust on the track when she alongside Jay Z, Rick Ross, and Kanye on “Monster.” Switching up flows mid-bar while serving venom …it put Nik in a new realm. Remy Ma comes slick with the freestyle and 2016’s “All The Way Up” gave her a strong push back into the game following a lengthy jail stint.

Now, I know that we’re in this era of the “kumbuya” flows and everybody’s homies and collaborating, but — and I’m speaking to my hip-hop heads who tuned in to Hot 97 on the regular ready to hear bars from Jay and Nas when they battled — don’t you miss the rush of the game, the verbal challenges that kept talent sharp? Just think of the excitement the lyrical back and forth between these two femcees could bring to the culture. Heck, it might even re-introduce mixtape Nicki.

I’m not rooting for taking it beyond wax.(And we know Remy ain’t trynna see those steals bars again anytime soon) I’m strictly referring to the collection of colorful, metaphorical bars that makes your mind do flips and you and your squad shout “ooooh, damn!” because the verse was so ill. I’m talking about the quick-wit, keep you on your toes flows.

Remy and Nicki would bring that and the grittiness. Regardless of who left the booth wearing the crown, this would definitely be an interesting round to see.


Photo: Twitter