Nicki Minaj is Anti Relationship Titles?

Nicki Minaj’s appearance on The Ellen Show Thursday had some scratching their heads regarding the status of her relationship with MMG rapper, Meek Mill.

Was she knocking her once highly publicized relationship with the rapper and habitual Drake-beef starter?

Not quite. After viewing the footage, Nicki still puts on a girlish grin when discussing her time with Meek. And anytime Ellen brought up the rocks on her fingers— all gifts from “a boy that likes [her]”, the head Barbie flossed those pearly whites with no hesitation.

If you follow the couple on social media, you’d notice the images of the couple have become slimming. So of course, speculation comes.

After Ellen’s mild questions in her humorous and charming way, Nicki stated that she was single. She explained that going forward, she’d rather skip the titles to avoid the drama. Check that out below.

After headlines came out stating that Nicki was single, she went straight to social media and cleared up any confusion.

So, let’s discuss.

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