Meek Mill Lost His Dream ‘Barbie’ (Nicki Minaj)

Nicki Minaj went hard for Meek Mill and flaunted their one-year relationship like she had discovered love for the first time ever – despite her 10-year (silent) union with Safaree.

From social media snapshots, to music collaborations and cover shoots, the “Barb” made it known who her man was and stood by his side when he endured one of the most embarrassing rap beefs of this generation. While her homie (Drake) and honey (Meek) had their war of words, she sat back sippin’ her MYX Moscato and stacking coins on a world tour.

Yep, all seemed fine in gangsta’s paradise with fans coining the pair “Omeeka” and new verses flossed the love they had for each other.

And then it wasn’t. For weeks, rumors have circulated that the two, who started dating in 2015, called it quits. But see, the way Nicki operates, she’ll let you know what she wants, when she wants. Well, today was the day she confirmed that the Omeeka era had come to an end.

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