Nicki Minaj Features Malcolm X in Cover Art

Rapper Nicki Minaj releases the video and controversial artwork for her new single, "Looking Ass "N*gga."

No, no, no, Nicki. What were you thinking?!

Shortly after dropping the video for her new single, “Looking Ass N*gga,” the rapper showed off the artwork accompanying the track:

Nicki Minaj Malcolm X


This is akin to all of the MLK weekend party posters depicting the famed Civil Rights leaders wearing a gold chain and/or standing in front of a limo surrounded by scantily clad women.

In my opinion, it’s disrespectful. The images of these men are by no means sacred, but they should be honored…and not used to promote rap songs laced with profanity and clubs filled with too much turn up.  And it’s Black History Month.  Dammit, Nicki!