Nick Cannon Skipping Presidential Election, But…

Just like much of the country, Nick Cannon has been paying close attention to what’s been happening between police and urban communities. The Wild-n-Out star is not only an entrepreneur, but he’s also been very committed to improving the Black community.

Recently, Cannon participated in several anti-violence protests in New York and Chicago, including many that promoted Black Lives Matter.

Walking the Walk. STOP SHOOTING!

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  While Cannon has not been shy about being involved in political issues, there’s one thing he will not be doing this fall: voting in the presidential election. Although it’s not an extremely popular position, Cannon explained why he’s deciding not to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump during a recent appearance on Access Hollywood Live. “The pageantry of the presidency, I am not really for that. I encourage everyone to exercise their right. I mean there is lot of people that died and fought for the right to vote,” he explained. “Me personally, I don’t like the pageantry of it, it’s a popularity contest.” 

  Despite his decision to bow out of the “pageantry” of the presidential race, Cannon is not advocating for people to stay home in November. Instead, he’s asking folks to get more involved in local elections, which often times have a more direct impact on their lives than federal contests. “I feel that local government is specific to our community. A lot of people get up there and argue and debate about Hillary or Donald Trump and then you ask them who their city councilman is, and they say ‘I don’t know’. I think we got to start in the community,” he explained. 

Last week, Cannon, and several others, participated in demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. The chant: “I ain’t voting until Black Lives Matter.”