Nick Cannon Lands Another Big-Time Hosting Gig

Can Nick Cannon revive the oldie-but-goodie Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous series?

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, it was the voice of Robin Leach that drew us into the luxurious lives of the most powerful players in Hollywood.

Originally revived on the Style Network, the show is now getting a major reboot and moving to NBC with a broader content approach.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the revival will focus on Cannon’s point of view with a mix of energetic profiles featuring extremely wealthy and vibrant individuals. More than just diving into their pockets and purchases, the Lifestyles revamp will also explore their hobbies, tastes, and philanthropic efforts.

And for the tech gods, there will definitely be love shown to new technology billionaires.

On the business end, this deal marks a progressive relationship between Nick Cannon, NBC, and Jason Raff.

Raff, an executive producer on America’s Got Talent, also joins Cannon with producer cred on the upcoming Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous.

Forget the drama, Cannon is winning. He is an example of true ambition and extreme business savvy.