The New TV Show to Keep Your Eye On

Everyone loves a good laugh.

First Gen is a new family sitcom, created by comedian/actress Yvonne Orji. The comedy tells the story of a Nigerian-American girl who decides to ditch medical school to pursue her dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian.

The story is a semi-autobiographical one that draws loosely from Orji’s stand-up routines and real life experiences. The show centers around lead character, Joanna, whose newfound quest for the American Dream affects her immigrant family, specifically her traditional mother, Agatha.

Creators and producers of First Gen are aiming to give audiences a positive depiction of a Nigerian-American family.

Chika Chukudebelu is the executive producer of the comedy. She currently is creative executive at BET Networks where she oversees projects such as Being Mary Jane, and The Game.

There is no set air date yet.

Want to catch a glimpse of the new sitcom? See trailer below: