The New Trailer For ‘It’ Just Dropped & We’re Still Trying To Recover

Stephen King’s It has been revamped and rebooted for the big screen, and quite frankly it looks terrifying AF.

Last night during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the new trailer for the scary flick dropped and let’s just say once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Directed by Andres Muschietti and based on King’s 1986 novel, It follows a group of young children somewhere in Maine, who find themselves going head to head against the evil clown known as Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). Though clowns aren’t typically super diabolical, Pennywise has a history of terrorizing and murdering that dates back for centuries.

If the premise doesn’t freak you out, the visuals for the flick certainly will. In the trailer, we watch a group of innocent looking kiddos venturing into a disgusting sewer, where they find the shoe of Betty Ripsom, a member of the Losers Club (kids who just randomly disappear) who was an early victim of It. “What if she’s still here?” the children ask. And yet, director Muschietti didn’t think watching kids creep around a sewer was unsettling enough, he also had to give us a close-up of Pennywise’s deranged face.

As we cut from the children, we get a clear shot of the new Pennywise as red balloons rise to reveal his smiling face. Seriously, we can’t even! How are we supposed to sleep after this? Apparently, we’re the only ones who don’t live for horror though. When the first trailer for It dropped in March, it became the most-watched trailer online in a single day with 197 million views.

Will you be ready to scream when It comes slithering into theaters on September 8th?