New Show Aims to Educate Viewers On Black History

If you thought The Boondocks was the most radical TV show regarding social issues like race and class, think again.

Introducing Mortolkosbei, an upcoming cartoon series featuring two runaway slaves who fight for their freedom by becoming cyborg ninjas. The escapees then find themselves in a dubious situation and are forced to enslave their future descendants.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Cartoonist Justin Serrette Jr., creator of Alienz Wit’ Afros, made headlines in April for supporting Aaron McGruder’s Uncle Ruckus movie.

Now, he’s got his own endeavors with Mortolkosbei, which will double as a TV show and a Mortal Kombat-like video game. The series is set during the 1600s, then fast-forwards into the early 1900s during the height of Black Wall Street, Black Enterprise reports.

“They won’t teach this in history class,” remarked Serrette about the video game. “In Mortolkosbei, you’ll learn a lot.”

Serrette hopes that the show and game combo will teach viewers and players about historical events such as Black Wall Street that often go untouched in history books.