New Music: Brian McKnight, Drake Release Singles

By// Jessica Gaddis 

Well, what do we have here?

Brian McKnight has released a new single, “4th of July” off of his new album More than Words, and he’s still got it! The production is a bit of a different sound for McKnight and his new project is set to drop on March 19.   

(Yes, we are going to completely ignore the last “single” that Mr. McKnight released about the movings and workings of lady parts. We are going to chalk that up as a loss and forgive Brian McKnight for that atrocity.)

In other news, Drake released a new song, right in the midst of the success of his last single “Started From the Bottom”.

“5AM in Toronto” is Drake’s most recent single off of his upcoming album, Nothing Was the Same. (Not to be confused with his freestyle “9am in Dallas”; we see what you did there, Drizzy.)

Drake opted for heavy drums on this track and instead of the usual sing-song hook that we’ve grown to love, Drake delivers verse after verse without a hook.

The jury is still out on both of these tracks, but take a listen and report back on what you think!