Ready for ‘The New Edition Story’? Watch This!

We’re just weeks away from BET’s epic three-part miniseries chronicling the ups and downs of one of America’s greatest groups, and we can’t wait!

Airing over three nights, The New Edition Story will take music fans back to the ’80s and ’90s and inside all of the juicy drama of Mike, Ralph, Ricky, Bobby, Ronnie, and Johnny. According to BET, “The biopic follows the group from their humble beginnings as kids in Boston to global mega stardom – weathering the highs and lows of controversy, personnel changes, and the ultimate cost of fame.”

While fans were nervous when news of a New Edition film first broke, they can rest assured that director Chris Robinson and producer Jesse Collins have taken great pains to get it right. In addition to putting all of the cast members through a bootcamp to get them ready to pull of NE’s signature moves, all of the real group signed on to work with the actors who would play them in the film as well as serve as producers on the project.

The result? A film fans will love.

Check out an extended trailer for The New Edition Story. 

The New Edition Story airs on BET at January 24, 25, and 26.