New ‘Being Mary Jane’ Episodes Return This Summer, But Is The Series A Wrap After That?

Gabrielle Union stars in BEING MARY JANE premiering Tuesday, July 2nd at 10:30 P.M. ET/PT on BET / Photo courtesy of BET Networks. (PRNewsFoto/BET Networks)

Is this the end of the road for Being Mary Jane? Instead of the explosive and commanding narratives that we were used to seeing on BET’s Being Mary Jane, the fourth season has been plagued with recycled storylines and behind the scenes drama.

For a show that was super progressive and centered around a strong-but-flawed Black female protagonist when it premiered, Being Mary Jane has floundered a bit during this fourth season. Mary Jane Paul’s (Gabrielle Union) move from Atlanta to New York City was supposed to be a fresh start for her career and love life, but instead, the series has fallen a bit off-balance.

After inking a deal with Warner Brothers Television, Being Mary Jane creator and showrunner Mara Brock Akil and her producing partner/husband Salim Akil exited the series and ended their relationship with BET. Late last year, news also broke that Gabrielle Union was suing BET Network for $3 million dollars for breach of contract. In Union’s contract, the network was never supposed to produce more than 13 episodes of Being Mary Jane at a time, so that Union could also have the opportunity to star in films. Unfortunately, the network tried to, “cram all of the episodes [two 10-episode seasons back-to-back, without a previously agreed upon break between filming] into a single season in order to fraudulently extend the term of Ms. Union’s contract.” This also meant that Gabrielle Union would not get the pay raise that was stipulated in her contract. Though the lawsuit was settled out of court a month before the fourth season of Being Mary Jane premiered this past January, it wasn’t exactly a good look for the network or the series which was already dealing with so many changes.

Still, all is not lost, despite the rocky moments this season, Being Mary Jane has had some high points, including that surprise kiss between Mary Jane and Justin (Michael Ealy) in last week’s episode, “Getting Serious.” BET is also still standing behind the series one hundred percent. After the midseason finale, “Getting It” which airs this evening at 10 PM ET, Being Mary Jane is scheduled to return July 18, 2017, for a 10-episode part two of season four.

However, with all of the drama and the changes, we can’t help but think these final summer episodes might be Being Mary Jane‘s last. What do you think? Have you kept up with Being Mary Jane this season?