Never Doubt The Business Mind of Jay-Z

Jay-Z was in his zone during his exclusive Tidal x Jay-Z B-side concert.

And you know, when the dude has ish to get off his chest, you won’t read it in an interview, or see it circulating in a blog–the man comes alive in verse.

Take his stream of consciousness freestyle for example. The business-man cleverly addresses the flowing criticism of his streaming music venture, Tidal, by taking shots at competitors and leaders who offered “safety nets” and those who “dangled around crazy checks” (ahem Google); he digs into the cases of human injustice with lyrical references of Freddie Gray, Trayvon and Mike Brown and makes it clear “you know when I work, I’m not your slave, right.”

While the flow has been making its rounds via the Interwebs, Jay dropped the visual, today.

Watch it below.

*Earphones needed*