Netflix Has Tons Of Gems For May

A new month means that all-new material is hitting Netflix!

As we head into warm days and longer nights, Netflix is giving us a ton of new gems to keep us invested and entertained. The second season of Netflix’s science fiction drama Sense8 will begin streaming May 5th. From the minds of the Wachowskis sisters who gave us The Matrix trilogy, Sense 8 tells the story of eight strangers from different parts of the world who discover that they are “sensates”: otherwise normal humans linked with a mental and emotional connection. Things will be a tad different this season, Ami Ameen abruptly left the series after some major drama with Lana Wachowski, so this season, Toby Onwumere will be replacing him as Capheus.

Still, if science fiction isn’t really your thing, don’t despair. The third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt drops on Netflix May 19th, so you can catch up with Titus and all of his antics then. Also, Comedian Tracy Morgan is returning to standup for the first time since his horrific 2014 car crash. His Netflix comedy special, Staying Alive will be premieres May 16.

Don’t think we forgot about the Netflix classics this month. Season two of Master of None and season five of House of Cards will also return to Netflix in May. Be sure to click through until the end to see the complete list of films and TV series that are headed our way.

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