Netflix Is Done With Their Star Rating System

Netflix just threw their star rating system in the trash.

After many years of rating our favorite films and television shows on the premiere streaming service using a one through five-star rating, Netflix is making things a lot simpler for their subscribers. Emulating some of our favorite dating apps (or the late film critic Roger Ebert), Netflix has gotten with the times and given us a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down system.

This simplified rating system should give subscribers more accurate recommendations. The original star system sent the company’s algorithms into a tizzy that honestly didn’t give users the best suggestions for what to watch next. So how does this thumbs-up, thumbs-down model work?

According to Netflix, A “thumbs-up” tells Netflix that you like something and want to see similar suggestions. A “thumbs-down” lets Netflix know that you aren’t interested in watching that title and Netflix should stop suggesting it to you. Don’t be alarmed if you hit something with a thumbs-down and change your mind later. You can still search for it, but Netflix won’t let it spring up on your homepage again.

Switching to this system might be very useful for avid Netflix users who might have spent way too much time overanalyzing what they thought about a film or series. Giving subscribers a quick, yeah or nah option is bound to get more data from the rating system which in turn could bring even better quality content to the streaming service. When Netflix rolled out the thumbs-up, thumbs-down system in its beta stage, they said they saw a 200% increase in ratings activity.

If you’re still befuddled about the changes happening over on Netflix check out this nifty video.