The Nerve of Khia Throwing Shade at ‘Lemonade’

Before we can even digest the fact that Khia has opened her mouth to say anything about music and her critical opinion of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” we have to ask whose idea was it to even interview this chick?

The “rapper” threw major shade at Bey and Serena Williams for the visual to, “Sorry.”

Get the radio rant below. NSFW: Very explicit language ahead.

Let’s keep in mind that this is the same chick who released the single, “My Neck, My Back” where she instructed a partner to do some pretty explicit business to her and told ladies how to pop their [thangs]. Um…yeah… runteldat to your mother, Khia.

And as for the Twitterverse, it destroyed the struggle rapper in 140 characters or less…

And then The Game jumped in and read the struggle entertainer with no holds barred.

Now, sure one has the right to express their opinion, but check “home” first before lashing your tongue at another. And if this is a horrendous strategy Khia pulled to become a “trending topic,” she succeeded, but for all the wrong reasons.

Oh and if you poke at the #Beyhive they will sting back. No bueno, Khia.