NeNe Leakes Recap: I Dream of NeNe

In case you missed last week’s episode of I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, NeNe Leakes said deuces to her original wedding planner and signed on with event planner extraordinaire Tony Conway.
Change of Scenery
Originally, NeNe wanted her second wedding to take place in this beautiful garden; however, Tony gently reminds her that the event is taking place in three weeks. So he could make arrangements for the wedding to happen in the garden, but it would take more than three weeks to get the necessary permits, generators, valet, etc. and a LOT more money.
By the way, NeNe’s gown is nearly $60,000 and she’s flying their $15,000 cake first class from New York City, so you could say costs are adding up!
Tony suggests the Intercontinental Hotel and NeNe isn’t feeling it. But if she wants her Hollywood glamour vision to come to life, she’s going to have to concede!
White Gowns, Red Bottoms and Botox
Nene flies her bridesmaids in for last-minute adjustments to their custom-fitted white gowns…and their attitudes. But first, she gifts them with a pair of nude peep-toe Christian Louboutins. Marlo doesn’t like the way her toes peep over the shoe…or panty lines for that matter and instructs the girls to go commando for the wedding.
Then NeNe reveals the girls will also be getting Botox, as her way of payback for their less-than-pleasant attitudes. But Miss Marlo declines.
Spill the Tea
In a last-ditch effort to get her bridesmaids to “play nice,” NeNe hosts a Big Hat Tea party for the ladies to, ahem, “spill the tea” on one another. Basically, the women go around the table and talk about their issues with one another. Whoever holds the teapot does the talking. Ideally, it’s supposed to clear the air, but, of course, it only adds fuel to the fire.
Pat confronts Marlo after Diana told her that Marlo called her a clown. (I’m sorry…is this high school?!) Marlo admits to calling Pat a clown because she was wearing the “wrong shade of red,” but promises to refrain from name-calling in the future. We’ll see how long this lasts…
Next up, we have Diana who goes around the table and airs her problems with everybody, banging the teapot on the table to reiterate her point. Is it just me…or does she seem a little cray-cray sometimes?
Marlo excuses herself from the party, but not before bickering with Diana about who has the better hat. Then Diana says Alexis will never get married because she’s “loud and ghetto.” And NeNe is finally seeing that Diana is at the center of all the drama.
Later, in a one-on-one with NeNe, Diana asks her friend when she’s going to shut everyone down who’s talking badly about her. NeNe sets her straight and tell her she’s contributing to the problem and arguing with everybody. Diana apologizes for the way she’s carried on.  Hopefully, she’ll get her act together.
No Prenup, No Wedding
While NeNe and Gregg are shopping for registry items at Crate & Barrel, NeNe confronts Gregg (again!!) about signing the prenup. Gregg talks to his attorney about the document, which he believes has a negative connotation because it focuses on money. But his attorney breaks it down for him: no prenup = no wedding.
NeNe also received news that her show The New Normal was not renewed for a second season, which is not the news you want to hear right before your wedding. But Gregg comforts her and says the paycheck will be gone for a minute and a new one will appear in two minutes.
Next week: Cancun for the bachelorette party. And we all know what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. Unless, of course, you’re on a reality show.
Your turn: Have you ever had to deal with a bridesmaid-zilla? Share your story in the comments!