NeNe Leakes Recap: ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding’

It’s bachelorette party time on I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding! Last week, NeNe Leakes had a heart-to-heart with her good friend Diana and put her bridesmaid-zillas in place. But, of course, their promise to play nicely with each other didn’t last very long.

What Happens in Cancun…

You didn’t really think NeNe was going to have a regular bachelorette bash in Hotlanta, did you? Of course not! So all of the ladies arrive in Cancun for a weekend of fun. NeNe asks all of the ladies to be team players. Yeah right.

Up first, the ladies go on a “mountain surfing ride,” as NeNe calls it. And a few of the girls lose their tops, literally. Next, everyone goes for a swim with the dolphins. Well, almost everyone…

NeNe declines to join the ladies in the water because her Aunt Flo is visiting and she doesn’t want Flipper to kill her. Seriously.

Diana is being nice to the other girls since her one-on-one with NeNe, she even made sure Marlo didn’t drown out there. Good for her! But then things get weird…

There’s a special delivery for NeNe: a nearly life-sized portrait of her and Diana, which is just a little bit creepy, if you ask me. But Diana is also confused about the origins of the painting. So what’s going on here?

Enter Marlo in a self-made black tank top with “Creative Director” spelled out in sequins. Something tells me Marlo may be behind this stunt and tried to play it off like Diana did it. Or…it’s entirely possible Diana did commission the painting, but doesn’t want to own up to it because she’s embarrassed. Nevertheless, we never really find out who did it.

Feeling Blue

In an effort to unite the girls and promote peacefulness and positivity, Diana asks all of the bridesmaids to wear blue dresses. And everyone does, except Marlo, of course. While everyone else is wearing long dresses in beautiful shades of blue, Marlo goes to the beach party in a short floral number. Say what?!

“Diana is not going to regulate what i have to wear,” she says. More on that HERE.

But the ladies try to move past Marlo’s attire. Diana gives NeNe a photo book and ask the bridesmaids to read their letters to NeNe. Their heartwarming stories are perhaps the most touching and sincere moments of the season.

Diana tells NeNe “you’re an angel that God sent to me” and, predictably, Marlo rolls her eyes.

Then Cynthia takes it there by calling Marlo out on not wearing Blue. “I would have loved for NeNe to have a moment to stand out on her own,” Cynthia says. It seems like Marlo is not a part of Team NeNe and Marlo says the girls must be “punking” her. No, dear, they’re not.

Marlo doesn’t feel as though her attire takes away from anyone, but NeNe also says she’s not being a team player.

But Marlo says she didn’t have a mom or dad and that she has to “be extra to feel special.” So that’s why you had to wear a floral dress while everyone else was wearing blue?

The next day, Marlo says she felt attacked and swears she’s not a bad person. She’s just…Marlo.

NeNe said she looked out of place and like she’s not trying to follow the rules. Marlo agrees and vows to work like a team, but she isn’t going to be able to change who she is.

Bridesmaids Behaving Badly

Because the wedding is only a week away, the bridesmaids need a final fitting for their dresses. Enter: Marlo singing Rihanna’s “Pour It Up.” She is turned up for real and tries to take over the appointment as “creative director.” But NeNe quickly reminds her she’s the “Head B*tch in Charge.”

Alexis must’ve poured it up a little too much, because she is drunk off her behind at the fitting. She even took a nap in the seamstress’s room and vomited in the bathroom. Eww.

NeNe is overwhelmed by the sight of her bridesmaids in their dresses, so much so that it brings her to tears. Awww!

Your Turn: Who do you think commissioned that creepy painting? Should Marlo have worn blue to the party? And don’t forget to tune in next week to the season finale!