NeNe Leakes Offers Bruce Jenner ‘Fabulous’ Tips

To say that NeNe Leakes supports Bruce Jenner is an understatement. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star went as far as to give the former Olympian tips on how to be fabulous.

Jenner announced the male to female transition during an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Friday. In an interview with Us WeeklyLeakes expressed her full support for Jenner’s transition.

“I thought he was real and so authentic,” Leakes gushed to Us. “It’s really hard, by the way, to come in and just be an open book and be so authentic and real and really open up…to the world that way. Not many people can do that. Nobody but me and Bruce Jenner.”

The Bravo star also revealed that she’s working on a secret project with Kim Kardashian–Bruce Jenner’s stepdaughter. Leakes also plans on reaching out to Bruce to be his friend.

“I’m really cool with Kim, but I want to be best friends with Bruce Jenner,” the star told Us. 

Leakes message for Jenner?

“Honey, you go honey! You do you thing. You get your nails done. Get your weave put in, and you just be fabulous. Go right on, be fabulous. I’m all for it. We’re gonna have a cocktail.”

Well, if no one else supports Bruce Jenner we know that he’s got a friend in NeNe.