NeNe Leakes’ Reportedly Owes the IRS Big Time

NeNe Leakes has become the most prominent figure to ever grace the Real Housewives franchise.

Her over-the-top persona and slick-slanging tongue has left folks in one of two ways – cry with laughter or just crying from all the delivered shade. These personality traits have crafted a well-cushioned career and lifestyle. It’s one that made Leakes comfortable with the phrase “Rich B—h” – even producing merchandise with the slogan.

She’s gone from reality TV to the small screen with a reoccurring guest spot on Glee, and landed on Broadway in the production of Cinderella. Her growing list of credits also includes author and fashion designer.

Yep, she’s been stacking paper and living lavish.

And here comes the “but”. According to, NeNe reportedly owes the IRS over $800-thousand in back taxes. Ouch!

The tax lien was filed in Gwinnett County federal court in Lawrenceville. The quoted amount of $824,366.01 is said to be from 2014 – a year NeNe’s presence was in high demand with the aforementioned gigs in addition to introducing her HSN clothing line and being a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On the bright side of things, with all the bank she’s been pulling in, NeNe just may be able to handle the bill with one check from the Housewives.