NeNe Leakes Heading to Fashion Police?

Following the unexpected passing of comedienne Joan Rivers, a big part of her career legacy was put into question: Who would fill her place on the hit E! show Fashion Police? Would the show continue or would that be the end?

Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter, stated that her mother would have wanted the successful show to continue. And so with that, Fashion Police will return in 2015.

And there’s one boss chick being thrown into the fishbowl of potentials to replace Joan Rivers–the one-and-only Mrs. NeNe Leakes. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star may be dipping out on the Housewives drama and heading for an even bigger platform.

Reports are swarming stating that Leakes is a front runner in the position because of her comedic timing. When it comes to the reality star, you either love her or hate her because NeNe bites her tongue for no one and will dismiss your presence with one flick of her eyelash. So it is quite understandable why she may be considered a frontrunner.

Plus her clothing collection, The NeNe Collection, launched and sold out in nearly a day on HSN.

Fashion sense, wittiness and a likeable attitude with comedic edge will get the job done, so we’re going to have a little fun casting potentials for the next season of Fashion Police.

Rihanna: #BadGalRiRi

rihanna fashion police
Joan Rivers so cleverly and comically expressed her dismissal of celebrity fashion fails and wins, if Rihanna landed the gig, her #rudegal etiquette would shine bright like a diamond and folks would tune in just to see what she’d be wearing.

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