How Nelly Fans Are Working to Lower His Tax Debt

Credit: Nellyville

On September 12, Spin Magazine tweeted that St. Louis rapper Nelly, needed at least 287 million streams of his hit song “Hot in Herre” to pay off his IRS debt.

The tweet came after news broke that the leader of the St. Lunatics was in steep tax trouble and owed “Uncle Sam” upward of two-million dollars. In addition, he also reportedly owes $149,511 in state taxes.


You’d think that the success of his debut album, “Country Grammar”, and the chart-topping records that followed–“Hot in Herre”, being a leading factor in that case–in addition to a number one hit with Tim McGraw, a regular gig on Kevin Hart’s The Real Husbands of Hollywood, and his own reality show, that Nelly would be enjoying the fruits of his labor – stress free.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. And as soon as Spin’s tweet hit the Interwebs, fans stepped in to help him out. Accompanied with a #DoItForNelly tag, fans made full playlists of “Hot in Herre” on Spotify, which has increased its streams, 200 percent, according to USA Today.

The efforts may put extra coins in Nelly’s pocket. According to reports, Nelly is currently working with tax authorities to resolve the issue.