Is NBC About To Drop ‘The Carmichael Show’?

Jerrod Carmichael’s critically acclaimed sitcom The Carmichael Show is in limbo at NBC, and we can’t understand why.

Summer series such as The Carmichael Show are now awaiting news of renewal at their respective networks. However, with the options for actors on The Carmichael Show expiring June 30, things aren’t looking very clear. The leading studio on the show, 20th TV, which produces with Universal TV, and Legendary TV/ABC Studios, will have to pick up the options on the actors in order for the series to return.

Deadline is reporting that the show “scored a dramatic 11-hour renewal last year, with a deal coming after NBC had announced its fall schedule and its executive had faced questions about the show’s uncertain future.” Though the series is now in its third season, it was supposed to air in early 2017 but did not return until May 31.

In terms of its ratings this season, The Carmichael Show has been stable four episodes in and the series has tackled a wide range of hard-hitting topics including the N-word, consent and Donald Trump. Last week, NBC made the decision to postpone an episode that dealt with shootings on the heels of two real-life mass shootings in the United States. Carmichael called the move “criminal.”

If NBC does decide to pull the plug on the series, which stars Carmichael, Lil Rey Howery, Loretta Divine, David Alan Grier, Amber Stevens West and Tiffany Haddish, it might not be dead in the water. Apparently, 20th TV has quietly sent out feelers to other networks to gauge interest just in case NBC opts to cancel.