“Mr. Robinson” Welcomes Megan Good

Megan Good is snatching roles!

The actress has been added to the cast of NBC’s upcoming six-episode series, “Mr. Robinson” starring Craig Robinson.

Good is replacing Lenora Crichlow, who played “Victoria Wavers” in the pilot episode of the comedy series.

“Mr.Robinson” follows a rough-around-the-edges, talented musician who is adjusting to life as a music teacher. Earning his living in a big-city middle school, Robinson becomes exposed to teacher politics and single moms.

And then he meets “Victoria”, Good’s recurring character, a successful Wall Street trader who turned in the cutthroat industry for her passion career as a high school English teacher.

Love interest? Quite obvious, but hey, we could be surprised and the plot could twist.

After all, Larenz Tate is cast as Robinson’s charismatic brother and band partner.

We’ll keep you posted on the premiere date, but in the meantime, does “Mr. Robinson” sound like a series you’ll be checking out this season? Let us know in the comments!