This Is How NOT to Do a Black Woman’s Hair

natural hair

Welp, the Today Show tried it. Despite being home to one of our favs, Tamron Hall, yesterday’s show suffered an unfortunate natural hair fail.

During a segment on “Great Summer Hairstyles,” beauty expert Deepica Mutyala showed off three quick, 60-second styles folks can rock as the temperature climbs even higher. While the beauty sessions started out innocently enough–with a “wet rope braid” on an Asian model–things quickly went downhill when Mutyala go to Malyia Mcnaughton, a Black woman with a curly mane.

Now, I think Malyia already looked pretty fly with her ringlets, but Mutyala tried to give her another “effortless” style by sweeping her hair into a ponytail. Cool, right?

Well…let’s just take a look shall we.

Here’s how Malyia looked when she walked it for the segment. Cute, right?


And here’s how she looked when Mutyala finished stretching and pulling her curly tresses into a very mess poof with some kinda weird bangs on the side.



Though I don’t doubt Mutyala could give Malyia a better look if she had more time, what she left homegirl with was just completely unacceptable. Thankfully, Malyia was a good sport about the whole thing, but I’m sure she quickly made a beeline for the nearest mirror to fix her ‘do.

So, how did it all go down?

Take a look below! 


After the video of her appearance went viral, Malyia chimed in to explain that while things didn’t turn out how she would have liked, it was a “dream come true” to be on national TV.