Naomi Campbell Convicted of Assault

Naomi Campbell has had another run-in with the law.

On Friday, the supermodel was convicted of assault by a Sicilian court after a scuffle she had with paparazzi left a photographer injured. Now, she has been sentenced to six months of a suspended prison term.

The incident occurred back in August 2009 when Campbell and her then-boyfriend were walking off of their boat in Lipari, a Sicilian island.

When they were greeted by a photographer named Gaetano Di Giovanni, who had been snapping pictures of the two, Campbell hit the cameraman with her handbag. The blow scratched his eye, causing him to seek medical attention.

Di Giovanni initially withdrew the charges after he reached an agreement with the entertainer’s lawyers, but prosecutor Francesco Massara ordered the trial to proceed due to the severity of the charges.

Now, Campbell’s legal team is preparing to appeal the court’s decision.

“We are appealing the ruling surrounding the 2009 incident,” attorney Guido Carlo Alleva said in a statement obtained by E! News. “Due to the ongoing legal process, we cannot discuss the matter further at this time.”

Guess all of those anger management courses haven’t been able to do the trick.