Naomi Attacks! Model Smacks Camerman

Time may pass and the seasons may change but one thing always remains true: If you get in Naomi Campbell’s way you will get hit.

Sometimes with her hand. Usually with a phone. But she’s as lethal as she’s good looking. And Campbell is very, very good looking. One camera man in Cuba learned this the hard way after Campbell asked him to stop filming. When he didn’t she chucked him one.

While her peers have retired to raising kids and hawking various wares, Campbell is the 90’s supermodel for whom the 90’s never ended. She remains working, walking the runway and in demand. She is currently spicing up things on the hit FOX drama “Empire.” She’s essentially playing herself, except she uncharacteristically did not slap Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie after this exchange Wednesday night.

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Close one, Cookie. It’s a good thing Naomi’s character wasn’t wielding a cell phone.