Nailed It or Failed It? Will Smith as Deadshot

Um….I admit I’m not up on my Suicide Squad lore, so comic fans help me out.

Is Deadshot supposed to be some sort of part-time pimp or, as my sister and filmophile Kozi Kyles suggested, a rejected back-up dancer for Bruno Mars?

I only ask because of these odd images from the set of the film, which is already drawing hoots of laughter for this mosh pit refugee-looking “Joker” as portrayed by Jared Leto.

So….while I try to figure out what is happening amongs the costume staff, you tell me.

Does this look nail it or fail it?

As a point of comparison, this is the Deadshot image from Wikipedia…

A prime pic of Deadshot.png

Here’s Will Smith looking like Common’s cousin.

'Suicide Squad' Costar Will Smith is Dressed to Kill as Deadshot