Must Watch: Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith

On the first episode of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," the host joined actor Will Smith in presenting the "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing."
Courtesy of NBC

From the Cabbage Patch to a failed attempt at twerking, late-night host Jimmy Fallon and guest Will Smith presented their version of the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.”

Dressed in denim overalls and colorful printed shirts, the comedic duo paid homage to some of hip-hop’s most notable dances during Fallon’s first night as the Tonight Show host on Monday.

It’s a fun journey down memory lane and I dare you to refrain from jumping in when they get to your favorite move. For me, it was the Running Man, Hammer Dance and the Kid ‘N Play, which my sister and I have been known to perform at various family functions.

There are also more “modern” dances, such as the Stanky Legg and the Dougie, and a nod to Smith’s Fresh Prince co-star, The Carlton. Check out the video below and let us know what’s your favorite move!